About Us

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About Us

Australian Terriers have been a big part of our lives for almost 30 years. Rhapsody, a.k.a. ”Ratdog”, joined our family in 1995, after a nine-month hunt for just the right breed.

An Aussie’s characteristic awareness, independence, playful personality, courage, exuberance and devotion struck a cord with us. Once we experienced their desire to curl up with us on the couch or our lap, we were smitten for life.

Our Aussie’s bring “Joy” into our lives and fit easily into our lifestyle whether we are hanging out at home, walking, hiking, travelling — by car, air or cruising the coast of British Columbia.

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Caren Holtby – Tidewalker Australian Terriers, Southern Vancouver Island

Email: caren@tidewalker.therosenthalsolution.com, Phone: 250-655-8868