Tidewalker Australian Terriers

We often describe the Australian terrier or “Aussie” as a ‘Big dog in a small package”. They are spirited, self confident, energetic and loyal, with an even disposition that makes them suitable as a companion dog. They were bred to be a working terrier and as such they require patience and a positive approach from its new owner to help your Aussie develop into the best loving companion that they can be.

An Aussie has stamina and is tough enough to participate in hiking, walking, agility, obedience, barn hunt, lure coursing and chasability, and other activities that we like such as kayaking, boating and paddle boarding (all with a life jacket as they are not naturally swimmers). They are endlessly entertaining and bring joy into any household. Are mischievous and loving, alert and curious, self-confident and intelligent. You will find they want to be with you or near you. They are NOT a dog you can leave on a chain or in the back yard alone.

To train this little dog, one needs to make it fun, and provide routine and consistnecy to your training. They often may look at you as if to say"This isn’t fun! Lets do something else” By keeping the games (training) fun and rewarding you will find they are quick learners and love to please, themselves and you.

When living with an Australian terrier you will find a loving companion who will bring you great joy!

About Us

Australian Terriers have been a big part of our lives for over 20 years. Rhapsody, a.k.a. ”Ratdog”, joined our family in 1995, after a nine-month hunt for just the right breed.

An Aussie’s characteristic awareness, independence, playful personality, courage, exuberance and devotion struck a cord with us. Once we experienced their desire to curl up with us on the couch or our lap, we were smitten for life.

Our Aussie’s bring "Joy" into our lives and fit easily into our lifestyle whether we are hanging out at home, walking, hiking, travelling - by car, air or cruising the coast of British Columbia.

What People Say ...

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Susan & Cozy Surrey, BC

Our Aussie has brought a special light to our lives.  Easily socialized, she is always ready to go anywhere or just hang out with us at home.  She is crazy about other dogs loving nothing better than to get together with one of her canine friends for a game of chase or tug.  Aptly named Cozy she can be counted on to enjoy the softer comforts of life. 

Her breeders, Caren and Alan, are very particular about the homes their pups go to so I guess we were lucky to have been chosen.  They are excellent about keeping in touch and I know they can be counted on in a pinch with just the right solution if one is needed.  They offer continued support and have been a good resource of ideas and friendship too.

Luke & Maggie Chicago, USA

We were so fortunate to meet Caren, Alan and Tidewalker just after Kanti had given birth to her first litter.

We had just moved to Vancouver Island from Hong Kong and were looking for a new dog to join our family.

Maggie is everything we could have hoped for. Beautiful both in looks and nature, more character than any dog either of us had ever met, an amazing companion and truly loving. She has shared a house with two small children since they were four and shown amazing patience!

She has settled well in her new home in Chicago though we miss the "family" get togethers on the island. We would highly recommend both Australian Terriers as a breed and Tidewalker as a breeder - we would love another of their puppies to join Maggie now!


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Caren Holtby - Tidewalker Australian Terriers, Southern Vancouver Island

Email: caren@tidewalker.ca, Phone: 250-655-8868